At York Tutors our aim is to make travel and language learning fun and accessible to everyone.

Our programmes have been carefully developed to ensure that you get the most out of your trip to Britain. Whichever you choose, York Tutors will be with you every step of the way giving you valuable ADVICE and GUIDANCE and above all a CARING and FRIENDLY service.

About us

York Tutors was originally founded by David Gleave in the mid 1970′s as a dedicated tuition service aimed at helping children of all ages from York schools to excel in their studies. Judith joined in 1984 as David’s Personal Assistant after the company gained a contract with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) to provide two year A-Level courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English for Omani scholars. This encouraged York Tutors to branch out in to the EFL business a feature which was spearheaded by Judith herself. In 1986 David Gleave decided to leave the company for pastures new leaving York Tutors in the capable hands of Judith under who the company has thrived to this day. Due to Judith’s love of EFL and an ever increasing influx of business Judith decided to tailor the company’s remit specifically to this industry expanding to include numerous centres around England.


Judith Morris: Company Proprietor



Prior to joining York Tutors Judith worked in the design industry before switching to accounting. She left work in 1978 to marry Malcolm and dedicate her time to raising their daughter Sheena who was swiftly joined by a younger sister Rebecca. Once the girls were in full time education Judith chose to return to work by joining York Tutors.

Judith’s passion for the EFL industry was developed here and she has dedicated her time to qualifying as an EFL tutor herself as well as various related training with the British Council enabling her to fulfil all requirement of her role as company proprietor.

Due to Judith’s exceptional organisational abilities she also personally drafts all programmes for each centre and trains all Local Organisers in welfare and host family recruitment.




Sue Lawrence: Local Organiser – Eastbourne


Sue Lawrence has been visiting and registering host families in the Eastbourne area since 1997.

Her time is split between meeting and greeting groups of Russian, French, Spanish, Czech, German, Turkish, Polish and Swiss students and Group Leaders but to name a few! Sue ensures the smooth running of the Eastbourne centre, including overseeing teaching and activity venues, giving a new and exciting opportunity to 12 to 17 year olds.

Having enjoyed the support of a good team of host families, teachers and activity staff in Eastbourne over the years means we deliver a comprehensive service to meet any requirements.
Sue enjoys a busy family life and relaxing by cycling, swimming and indulging in family days out.




Chris Carr:Local Organiser – Scarborough

christine carr

Chris Carr started working with York Tutors approximately 15 years ago, first as a host family and very shortly afterwards as the Local Organiser for Scarborough. Chris also acts as the Centre Manager during the summer months and brings a wealth of experience to the role, with fantastic organisational skills and a multitude of contacts in the Scarborough community.

Chris believes that our students should be treated as one of her own children or relative in another country would want to be treated and knows all of the host families in the small coastal town personally, where she has lived all her life.




Sarah Satchwell: Local Organiser – Stratford-Upon-Avon

Sarah Satchwell

Sarah has, for many years welcomed foreign students of all ages into her home as well as welcoming and organising groups who stay with kind and caring host families in and around Stratford.

She takes pride in the fact that all visitors organised by her return home with happy memories and a good basic knowledge and fluency in Everyday English Conversation. She strongly believes that the visiting student could be one of her own children or relative in another country and insists all visitors are treated like she would like her own to be treated.

Sarah, as a fully qualified Celta teacher, decided to write a syllabus- which was fun – encouraging the students to speak as the English speak today (which is very different to 20 years ago) and this was how MEES (Modern Everyday English Syllabus) was born and is now taught very successfully with very good results whether the student’s grade is elementary or advanced. This syllabus teaches the most important ingredient of learning a foreign language – SELF CONFIDENCE in such a way that not until later does the student realise how their English speaking has improved.

To meet a foreign student on arrival in our town who is very shy and hardly speaks one word and to see the overall difference in their confidence when they leave after maybe 10 days- gives both me, the teachers’ and activity staff tremendous satisfaction in a job well done.